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There's more to you than you think

European Testing Conference 2017


How this tester learned to write code

EuroSTAR 2016

with Helena Jeret-Mäe:

The 4-hour Tester Experiment (pdf)

TestBash Manchester 2016

Test automation in three different ways

Nordic Testing Days 2016

from CDT principles to practice, a model

Copenhagen Context 2016


Koryu as model for leadership

TITAN peer conference 2015

Stress testing - pushing your own limits

Let's Test 2015

Helping the new tester to get a running start

Tasting Let's Test Benelux 2015


Geen testgevallen, maar testideeën

TestNet Fall Event 2014

Introduction to the philosophy of science

In-house presentation 2014

Helping the new tester to get a running start

TestBash 3, March 2014 - video


Heuristiek voor een context-driven testaanpak

TestNet Fall Event 2013